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Company Registration in Bangalore

Excellent and swift legal services for company registrations are among the essential and most significant services of ours full-fledged and globally reputed law firm based in India. We offer superb and responsible services in all areas of the law which are related with people and companies in all economic fields, located in countries worldwide. As our law firm is well-based in India, ours legal services are hugely popular and commonly preferred by Indian people and entities active in various economic fields, in places all across the whole country. In this special article, informed about are our services for company formation in bangalore, exclusively.

Here, it must be noted that capital of Karnataka, Bangalore is one of the most suitable major cities of the whole world, for secure and profitable establishments in the commercial, professional, and service sectors. The economy of Bangalore is vast and varied, which has been progressing rapidly with a high and steady growth rate for over a decade. Today, the most booming economic fields of bangalore are information technology, manufacturing, biotechnology, computer hardware and software, telecommunications, electronics, household consumer goods and products, aerospace, education and teaching, scientific research, tourism and hospitality, advertising and media, banking, insurance, healthcare, leisure and entertainment, and services. These all fast progressive fields are comprehensively covered by our expert legal services for company registration bangalore. All commonly popular forms of companies and firms are perfectly and expeditiously formed and registered through our company registration services, indispensably including private limited companies, public limited companies, limited liability partnerships, unlimited companies, joint venture companies, mergers and acquisitions, and diverse business establishments on behalf of foreign companies and investors for doing business in India.

Under section 609 of the Companies Act, 1956 of India, there is established the office of the registrar of companies (ROC) in every major State of India, inevitably including Karnataka, for registration of companies and regulation of activities of these companies. The office of ROC in Karnataka is located in Bangalore (Koramangala), by support of which all companies in Bangalore are registered and regulated. The tasks involved in the process of company registration are selecting the most appropriate form of company, getting consent of the concerned ROC and reservation to the proposed names, supporting in acquiring of DINs and DSCs, preparing MOA and AOA or LLP Agreement, filing application for company registration, receiving mandatory approval from governmental bodies, and receiving the certificate of company registration, and of the starting of business in case of the public limited companies. Here, it may also be noted that we provide the complete coverage of legal services for doing secured, dignified, and maximally profitable businesses in all across India and the whole world.

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