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Design Registration India

Registration of design means the act that prohibits any of the third party against the copy or misuse the unique business mark or trade symbol. Design that promotes the business across the nation needs to get registration while protecting the company's goodwill and reputation from being getting infringe. As we all know business mark or trade symbol or any of the industrial design are amongst the most important and crucial parts of the company that off course need a special attention. While walking on the same path of nurture and healthy business aspects; here we bring you with best services in design registration.

Design Registration Services

In India, a country with huge talent where hundreds of trademark and patent are getting registered on the daily basis; need to file their designs to be use safely. There are different steps and procedures that turn one design legal and licit. For which first it needs to have unique design before filing an application for the design registration in India. Thus, here we get you introduce with the best team of IPR that takes you with every expected level of industrial design registration services.

Our firm also specializes in intellectual property including trademark copyright, patent, industrial design and consulting, as well as the level of litigation cases. Here, we generally work to protect the interest of intellectual property owners in respect of their powers and rights. Our legal service ranges from company law services to complete corporate legal activities that support one company to run its daily activities smoothly. In addition, our agency guarantees and security point of view also represents clients with copyright and related rights, training, licensing agreements, authors and performers prevent exploitation, e-commerce and online art legal assurance, and legal advice and support on intellectual property violations and relative provisions.

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