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Trademark Protection India

All-round and impregnable protection to trademarks and service marks is greatly helpful and therefore recommended, for doing a secured, dignified, and profitable business in any cherished economic field, anywhere in the world. Hence, our full-service law firm also provides intelligent and rigorous services for trademark protection in all across India and other countries of the world, along with exquisite legal services in all areas of the law. Our trademark protection services rendered in India or abroad, are explained conveniently in the lower section. Because of being well-established in India, our legal services are exclusively more popular and highly appreciated in every part of India, including our services for trademark protection.

Every trademark or service mark belonging to any occupational field and properly registered under any national trademark law (such as the new Trade Marks Act of 1999 of India), or any international treaty like the TRIPS Agreement, Berne Convention, Madrid Protocol, or European Community Trademark, can avail our trademark protection services in the desired national or international jurisdictions. Here, it is highly important to keep in mind that, trademark protection essentially requires well-informed, proficient, accredited, and responsible trademark lawyers, for the best possible and securing results. Our law firm which has achieved global prominence and repute, has a pool of internationally praised and expert trademark lawyers, for vigilant and fully dependable trademark protection services worldwide.

Trademark Protection Services

Trademark protection encompasses several independent services, namely, trademark watch and monitoring, trademark opposition, punctual trademark renewals, and trademark infringement litigation. For trademark protection india and trademark protection worldwide, our veteran trademark lawyers offer these all services to companies and firms active in various economic fields at levels national and international. Again, they keep close and responsible contacts with clients during the whole trademark protection process, for listening to them and suggesting them perfect corrective measures from time to time.

Under the trademark watch process, it is ensured that no strikingly or objectionably similar trademark or service mark of other entities is being registered at any given point of time in the related jurisdiction. This trademark watch supports in maintaining unique identity and reputation of a trademark within the concerned jurisdictions. The trademark opposition helps companies for similar objectives. Timely renewal of trademark is absolutely necessary for full validity of any registered trademark and full effectiveness of the trademark rights. And, the trademark infringement litigation is elegant for averting any misappropriation of the registered trademark by other individuals or companies within the said jurisdiction. Thus, trademark protection is certainly one of the most securing and beneficial legal services to entities in various fields of commerce, profession, and service sectors.

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