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Trademark Classes

The trademark classes represent certain categories or fields of goods and services, and are elegantly and greatly helpful especially in performing trademark registrations, trademark oppositions, and a variety of trademark prosecutions, with any desired national or international trademark office. For example, a trademark related with Cosmetics is proposed for registration as a trademark belonging to the Class 3. The international trademark treaties and conventions have approved as much as 45 classes of trademarks and service marks, for which there are made proper rules and provisions, regarding the registration and protection of those in any international jurisdictions. These trademark classes of goods & services are given in the lower section exclusively.

Since India has been an active and respected member of most of the international trademark conventions, its list of trademark classes covers all these 45 classes. Among these trademark classes, eleven classes are allotted to service fields or services, and the rest are assigned to the other commercial and professional economic fields. Our firm is a globally renowned and full-service law firm which has been offering as an inherent part of its all legal services, all services for trademarks and services marks belonging to these all 45 classes at national and international levels on behalf of companies and firms located in countries worldwide. It could be beneficial to the readers to mention here that, we provided superb and impeccable legal services in all streams and areas of the law, for the best possible and great benefits to entities active in all economic sectors in all across India and the whole world.

List of Goods and Services

As India is a major and fast progressing economy of the whole world, its federal trademark law is well-developed and refined, and is in close harmony with most of the globally reputed international trademark conventions. Hence, the list of trademark classes in India is extensive and covers all those categories of products and services, which are essentially contained in the globally recognized trademark classes list. These trademark classes of goods & services are the following:

Goods or Products:

  • Class 1 (Chemicals)
  • Class 2 (Paints)
  • Class 3 (Cosmetics and Cleaning Preparations)
  • Class 4 (Lubricants and Fuels)
  • Class 5 (Pharmaceuticals)
  • Class 6 (Metal Goods)
  • Class 7 (Machinery)
  • Class 8 (Hand Tools)
  • Class 9 (Electrical and Scientific Apparatus)
  • Class 10 (Medical Apparatus)
  • Class 11 (Environmental Control Apparatus)
  • Class 12 (Vehicles)
  • Class 13 (Firearms)
  • Class 14 (Jewelry)
  • Class 15 (Musical Instruments)
  • Class 16 (Paper Goods and Printed Matter)
  • Class 17 (Rubber Goods)
  • Class 18 (Leather Goods)
  • Class 19 (Non-metallic Building Materials)
  • Class 20 (Furniture and Articles Not Otherwise Classified)
  • Class 21 (Housewares and Glass)
  • Class 22 (Cordage and Fibers)
  • Class 23 (Yarns and Threads)
  • Class 24 (Fabrics)
  • Class 25 (Clothing)
  • Class 26 (Fancy Goods)
  • Class 27 (Floor Coverings)
  • Class 28 (Toys and Sporting Goods)
  • Class 29 (Meats and Processed Foods)
  • Class 30 (Staple Foods)
  • Class 31 (Natural Agricultural Products)
  • Class 32 (Light Beverages)
  • Class 33 (Wines and Spirits)
  • Class 34 (Smokers' Articles)


  • Class 35 (Advertising and Business)
  • Class 36 (Insurance and Financial)
  • Class 37 (Building, Construction and Repair)
  • Class 38 (Telecommunication)
  • Class 39 (Transportation and Storage)
  • Class 40 (Treatment of Materials)
  • Class 41 (Education and Entertainment)
  • Class 42 (Computer, Scientific and Legal)
  • Class 43 (Hotels and Restaurants)
  • Class 44 (Medical, Beauty, and Agricultural)
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