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Society Registration India

Society registration act is one of the oldest and prestigious acts of the Indian being established under the British raj in 1860. This society registration act 1860 framed under the aim of promoting and enhancing the group of charitable, literacy and scientific societies. For developing economies; this process of society registration, has really provoked as a milestone while bringing the fine art, science and the mode of literature on the mark where more of the beneficial researches can be carried out.. The same act of society registration will depict the powers and rights of the society and limits of being performed within the defined sectors. As a society, the members can also work for relief of the poverty, supporting the weaker education segment, advancement of religion and other tasks for community advancement.

Society Registration Services

For society registration in India; there is mandatory to have seven partners to form as a society. All these seven members with one interest and single theme of work can carry as a society to enhance the sectors of charitable purpose, literacy or science. Registrar of society is the govern authority that allow these seven members to carry out as a society.

While registering the society in India a memorandum of association needs to be submit with registrar of societies where all the respective details about the name of the proposed society, addresses, objective and aims of being as a society, occupations of the governors, committee or council under which society is being formed if any and duly signed under the consent of all the partners. After getting with these entire requirements one can file an application for society registration.

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